The history of Song Lovers’ Choir starts in 1972, when in the club of miner’s settlement Vivikonna was established a mixed choir, the part of which formed workers of culture, education, medicine, and workers of open-cast mines. Beginning with 1992 the Song Lovers’ Choir became a part of Sillamäe Cultural Centre collectives.
During these years Galina Kuznetsova is the leader of a choir. She is at the same time the director of musical school and in 2004 became A.A.Arhangelski price laureate. From 1992 Olga Krasilnikova is the constant accompanist of a choir and Aleksandr Anikin the arranger of many songs.
The choir always takes part in international festival “Slavic Wreath” in Tallinn and Sillamäe, participates in concerts of the House of Friendship in St. Petersburg, choral festivals of Ida-Virumaa. For many years the Song Lovers’ Choir is in creative touch with famous choirs: G. Butuzov Russia Choir from Kiviõli, mixed choir “Svyatogor” from Narva etc. The repertoire of the choir consists of various genres from popular songs to choral songs a’capella. Especially the performances of Russian songs in modern way are emphasized. From October 2007 the collective has a new name – female chorus “KARIKAKAR”.