The choir “Lõoke” was found in 1993. The main idea of creaion of a collective was to promote choral art in the town, musical education of children. The choir initially was consisted of more than 100 people and was devided into three parts: senior choir, junior choir and boy choir. The repertore consisted of folk and sacred music, compositions of Russian, Estonian, and foreign composers.

From 1994 the choir starts to give many performances on tour. It gave concerts in different towns of Estonia, took part in republican song festivals in Tallinn. In the year 1999 the senior group pf the choir was in France, where it tool part in international youth forum. In the summer of 2000 boy choir was on tour in Hiiumaa.

In 1997 the boy choir parts from the senior group of the choir and becomes an independent boy choir of Sillamäe Cultural Centre. And already in 2000 wins the bronze medalist of V international contest “Crystal Bell” in Narva. Nowadays the boy choir obtains third choral category. The process of collective’s recovery is running now. The new boys are joining the choir; the vocal-choral work of voice training, the study of note knowledge, and work on the new musical composition is kept on going.

The age of members – from 7 to 15 years.

The leader of choir – Valentina Sanchuk.


The leader of choir “Lõoke” Valentina Sanchuk visited our editorial office before the concert of her choir and had a pessimistic mood, saying that hard times are coming, who knows will such concerts take place again. However, one and a half hour concert programme showed that there is no reason for pessimism: the collective deserves supporting and encouragement of its activity.A lot of good songs in Russian and Estonian language were sang quite well on the report concert. Choir consists of two ensembles – of boys and of girls, who have their own repertoire. The collective has soloists: Vitali Tribelgorn, Anton Vasilyev, Valentin Kordas and others, who warmly welcomed and said goodbye to spectators. Aleksandra Ananyeva, Elena Synkova, Konstantin Arutyunov, Lera Ergardt accompanied the choir with pleasure. Former participant of the choir Anastasia Cubina, who studies in Georg Ots’ academy, made the concert programme more beautiful. Staggering voice and very interesting repertoire of her solo performance called forth applause. In the end of the concert choir performed the hymn to the song “On Earth for our happiness lives the song forever…” For common happiness, because good song inspire hearts of people with optimism, hope, cheers up, and spiritualizes. You lay down your hands to the keys –

Suddenly magic happens.
And born clear sounds
From simple hands’ touch.
Bird-music waves its wings,
Not to everybody, but me.
Like the sun of ginger camomiles
Blossom on every window… 

Let the eternal companion of happiness – songs play in every soul, every house, from a stage. “It is very good that young people give their time to song. Grow, do not stop on that what is already achieved…” wished vice-mayor Elvira Sidorova to the choir and thanked it and Valentina Savchuk for good performance and nice evening of good song. 

 Accounting concerto 20.05.2009  Galerii