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Ballet studio “Etud” started its activity in the House of Culture in 1988. Each year up to 40 people aged from 4 to 16 years attend this studio. It is impossible to count all those children who have passed through this studio during all these years. Members of ballet studio take part in all concerts of House of Culture and activities organized by the town, participate in regional festivals and contests. Repertoire of ballet studio consists of various choreographies: classical dance, folk dance, acrobatics, and modern dance performance. During a concert audience has an opportunity to see performance for all tastes: all studio members like to participate in concerts – from “charming kids” to elder members of the collective. Some of them gave more than 10 years of their lives to their beloved “Etud”: Ekaterina Timofeeva and Ekaterina Korin are examples of diligence and mastery. On concerts of the studio they dance solo numbers.

Ballet studio “Etud” already has its own professionals:
• Natalia Ignatenko – finished Tallinn chorographical school.
• Julia Kashkovskaya – ballet-dancer of “Vanemuine” theater.
• Ksenia Chamova – studies excellently in her second year of chorographical school.
• Angelina Nikitina also studies in chorographical school and takes parts in concerts and plays of theatre.

Ballet studio has one tradition: each year our graduates come for the last concert of art season and take part in our performance with their concert numbers and variations.

The head of ballet studio, stage-manager – Lilia Hudyakova.

Ballet studio concertmaster – Galina Toffert. 


23.04.2008 – Galerii

24.04.2008 – Galerii

25.04.2008 – Galerii

“I want to dance!”
It is amazing that among various types of arts, which represent art collectives of our town, ballet plays not the last role in cultural life of Sillamae. Studio “Etud” was founded 20 years ago in cultural centre by the choreograph Lidia Hudyakova. Choreograph accepts children in the studio beginning with the age of 3,5 years. Just imagine how much of patience you need to organize and to teach all these young children so that they could show something on stage. In the junior group lessens are being carried out in play form and during a game children learn elements of ballet. Not all children stay for a long time in studio, because ballet is a hard work and not every child is ready for a hard work. The choreograph tells that children do not quit when the are in a junior group, but when they become older because their interests change, school load increases. Such situation happens in each art collective: you always have to start everything from the beginning. The most hardworking and infatuated with art children stay for a long time in collective, because you always have to work hard: for example dancers from the intermediate group rehearse 5 days a week, from the senior group 4 days. Not everyone bear such hard work, but the collective counts 39 people. For Ekaterina Timofeeva, Ekaterina Koren, Evgenia Vefenina, Anastasia Bakulina, Yulia Emelyanova lessens in ballet studio mean a lot. They can value all what gives them choreograph. But the main thing is that they love to dance. They are support and the hope of the collective. “But in the intermediate group grow up good children: Masha Barsukova, Valya Sergeeva, Dasha Shepeleva… Very hardworking and capable girls”, said Lilia. She tells good words in the address of cultural centre, parents of children, upon who lay quiet a big financial spending, for example a pair of pointes cost not less then 500 crones. “Etud” does not have sponsors. Lilia does not turn to them but tries to cover the expenses with the help of relatives and management. Studio has a parents committee, which works under Alla Timofeeva and her active personal help. Choreograph considers parents of a senior group her main helpers. The collective today is ready for solo programmes. This proved an anniversary concert, which took place not long ago, and the participation of elder dancers in the play “The kidnapping of Sabinyaninova” of Moscow theatre, where performed well-known actors such as Liudmila Gurchenko, Larisa Udovichenko, Vladimir Sterzakov and others. The play took place last December in Cultural house of Johvi. The director Valeri Sarkisov planed staging with ballet group, but they could bring it from Moscow. This role was offered to the elder dancers of Sillamae’s “Etud”. Luidmila Gurchenko liked very much how girls danced and she thanked them for a good work. Ballet dancers were very glad that they took part in the play, where performed such famous actors. A good grade was given to the studio by organizers of the 2nd international ballet festival, which took place not long ago in Johvi. “I, as the leader, am very satisfied with my girls. Organizers liked and complimented them, especially Katya Timofeeva, who now in the level of performance does not differ from students of chorographical school. Katya is very talented, hardworking and loves to dance”, said Lilia Hudyakova. Ballet studio presented to the audience their new programme that was dedicated to its birthday. It was based on classics. The collective and its leader received many pleasant reviews and flowers from the audience. Some dancers and choreograph received letters of thanks from local government and Cultural Centre. Lidia Tolmachova
Jubilee concerto 22.03.2009   galerii

Concert for war veterans 08.05.09 – Galerii

Concert 14.05.2011 – Galerii

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